Ithaca Laundromat
327 S. Cayuga Street
Ithaca, NY

Convenient location, comfortable setting.

  • Near the commons, one mile from CU and IC.
  • Free street parking!
  • 2 Free hours of indoor parking nearby.


  • New 20-80 pounds (2 loads to 8 loads per machine) Dexter Washers
  • New 30- 50 pounds(3 loads to 5 loads per machine) Dexter Stack Dryers
  • Easy Card Payment system

Welcome to Ithaca Laundromat to enjoy these new machines, especially if you have heavy stuffs like blankets, comforters etc., which do not work well at those residential machines. Let me know your opinion if you would like to try them. Thanks.
Irene Wang

EasyCard: Convenience, speed and security

  • No more quarters jamming up the machines!
  • No need for the correct bill denomination!
  • No more counting quarters!
  • One debit card instead of tons of quarters in your pocket!
  • 5% bonus added to your card when you spend $20

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